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Bippp [Vinyl]


Bippp [Vinyl]


Editorial Reviews

Increasingly detached from the original punk formula, the modern and arty youth of the early '80s set itself to jettison an art form that had lost much of the nihilistic and exhilarating energy of its halcyon days, stuck, as it was, in an endless and noisy regression. Disheartened but eager to experiment and create, a new wave of French musicians followed the beacon of Jacno's seminal '79 hit "Rectangle," a visionary, digital coup de grâce, courtesy of a former punk which dealt the Rickenbacker and Fender-era a fatal blow. The cold and robot-like bips of analogic keyboards took over. Casio, Korg MS-10 and Arp Omni were the new paraphernalia of the new generation -- the ideal conveyers of its retro-futurist elegance and self-professed cold arrogance. They were pinnacles and symbols which were just as potent as the electric guitar in the '50s or the laptop in the '90s. This compilation recalls the glory of a selected few, the cream of the crop of the shooting stars and cult bands that followed in the footsteps of Kas Product, Mathematiques Modernes or Charles De Goal. Featuring Ruth's infinitely charming "Polaroid/Roman/Photo," plus A Trois Dan Les WC, Act, Les Visiteurs Du Soir, Vox Dei, TGV, CKC, Marie Möör, Deux, Vitor Hublot, Visible and Casino Music.

Bippp [Vinyl]


Hubble Space Telescope Takes Close Look at AG Carinae

The new composite images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope reveal the dual nature of the giant star AG Carinae. This Hubble image shows a giant star called AG Carinae. The color image was made from separate exposures taken in the visible region of the spectrum with Hubble’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) and Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3). It is based on data obtained through two filters....

Space Exploration

Perseverance Successfully Completes Collection of Mars Rock Sample

Perseverance’s first cored-rock sample from Jezero Crater, Mars, is now enclosed in an airtight titanium sample tube, making it available for retrieval in the future, according to members of the Perseverance team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Through the Mars Sample Return campaign, NASA researchers and their colleagues from ESA are planning a series of missions to return the Perseverance’s...


Carnotaurus Had Scaly Skin with No Feathers, Paleontologists Say

Paleontologists have described in detail for the first time the scaly skin of Carnotaurus sastrei, an abelisaurid theropod that lived in South America during the Late Cretaceous epoch, sometime between 72 and 70 million years ago. An artist’s reconstruction of Carnotaurus sastrei based on the scaly skin described by Hendrickx & Bell. Image credit: Jake Baardse. The newly-described fossil of...


New Images Reveal 3D Chromatin Organization in Live Cell Nuclei

Chromatin is a substance within a chromosome consisting of DNA and protein. The major proteins in chromatin are histones, which help package the DNA in a compact form that fits in the cell nucleus. New research from the Weizmann Institute of Science has revealed a previously unknown mode of nuclear chromatin organization in fully differentiated cells in which chromatin density is high at the nuclear...


Rheology Research Brews Strong Results for Better Black Tea

Freedom Is Something by Dean Russo, 18x24-Inch

Physicists from the Department of Health Science and Technology in the Institute of Food Nutrition and Health at the ETH Zürich have applied the science of rheology to the seemingly quaint purpose of improving the quality of a cup of black tea. Black tea brewed in tap water; whereas tea can visibly generate a film where it interfaces with air, its more acidic counterpart, coffee cannot. Image credit:...Eyliden Hands Free Wash Mop with 4pcs Microfiber Pads, Self Wrin


Shea Tree Genome Sequenced

Scientists have decoded the genome of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa), a unique agroforestry tree species central to sustaining local livelihoods and the farming environments of rural communities across Africa’s Sudano-Sahelian agroclimactic belt. Shea trees, the source for the popular ingredient shea butter, grow in a shea parkland during the lush rainy season near the town of Bole in northern...

Other Sciences

Brain-Inspired Molecular Memristor Has Exceptional Memory Reconfigurability

The new reconfigurable memristor, or an electronic memory device, is based on a molecular system that can transition between on and off states at several discrete sequential voltages, according to a paper published in the journal Nature. Profuse dendritic-synaptic interconnections among neurons in the neocortex embed intricate logic structures enabling sophisticated decision-making that vastly outperforms...